The Trauma Show

Healing from Childhood Trauma – A PORTAL OPENING to emotional and genuine spiritual transformation

The Truman Show Analogy
Shattering of the assumptive world
Reacognition and Wisdom
Post-Traumatic Growth

Read an introspective self-talk of one Mr True Man recovering from childhood trauma, condensed into three fundamental questions, partly inspired by my realizations across over a decade long healing journey including somatic based therapy and spirituality.

I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration from this coming together of my love for art, movies, spirituality and psychology.

I watched the movie “The Truman Show” almost two decades ago and it still continues to be a dear one as much as is Jim Carrey and his inspiring spiritual growth. The large reality show studio in the movie is a great parallel to the mentally limiting beliefs and world view that survivors of childhood trauma tend to build. The inner critic and a damaged nervous system continue to reinforces the false beliefs of danger lurking around long after the actual danger has passed.

Diagnosis and Therapy followed by an existential quest can lead to the unveiling of reality. Once we start seeing things for what they really are – objectively, having seen the rock bottom the only place to go is up, inching towards a richer experience of life. Openness can pave the path to self discovery and more meaning in life when the limiting beliefs are shattered one after another and the expansion of the nervous system ‘window of tolerance’ makes room for treading cautiously towards uncharted territories not the ones needing you to fit in better, but on the contrary the ones that makes you feel good.

There are a bunch of other factors beyond just having the courage and the will to heal and all of them have to favorably fall in place for healing and growth to happen. The intent here is to offer hope and optimism that healing and growth is possible.

Though all the studies about Post-Traumatic Growth appear to be about shock trauma or traumatic events, I could see some relation to Childhood Trauma.

Happy Healing and Growth Journey !

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